Terms Of Use / Privacy Policy

High Country Rugs, LLC (HCR) understands the value of our customers' privacy. HCR will not sell or intentionally distribute personal information obtained through its website. Personal information is collected solely for the purposes of conducting business with its clients and to occasionally inform its customers of news and promotions of HCR. HCR is committed to protecting the privacy rights of its clients and visitors to its website.

HCR reserves the right to refuse the copying of copyrighted and proprietary designs that may infringe on the copyrights of others. HCR assumes no liability for the copying of copyrighted designs, and it is the responsibility of the client to determine if a design they have ordered is copyrighted by another party. By commissioning a design, the client attests that there is no copyright on the design(s) that he/she provides, and declares it legal for HCR to reproduce the design ad infinitum. To speak to a company representative regarding copyright infringements, contact us.

HCR reserves, and by submitting the client agrees to release, the right to produce any design which has been submitted for estimate or which it has been commissioned to produce. Should HCR later be found in violation of copyright infringement, the client agrees that he/she is liable for all cases of infringement involving the design(s).

Due to the nature of handmade items and the variability of natural products used in the manufacture of such handmade items, HCR cannot guarantee an exact color match to colors used on the website or dyed yarn samples. Due to differences in computer monitors, colors cannot be reliably determined using a computer screen alone. HCR does its best to match colors as closely as possible, and has an extraordinary level of success. Please contact HCR for more information about color matching.

Delivery times are approximate, but generally our products are delivered in less than 10 weeks. Smaller rugs and lower knot counts take less time, while very large rugs with high knot counts take more time. Estimated delivery dates are not a guarantee of delivery deadline. For more information regarding estimated delivery for a specific order, please contact HCR.

All sizes, dimensions and knot counts used on the website or specified for a custom order are approximate. Handmade products can vary and are not always exact. By placing an order, the client acknowledges that he/she has read the disclaimer above, agrees to release HCR from all liability related to the transaction involving HCR, its website, and the delivery of goods.