High Country Rugs has revolutionized the way design professionals and the public buy heirloom quality rugs by saving time and money without sacrificing quality. Never before has the general public been able to choose virtually every aspect of a rug. High Country Rugs allows total customization, while using the highest quality wools and silks and knotting techniques.

Whether you want to customize and recolor our standard designs or design your own rug, High Country Rugs can make it exactly as you imagine. We can make company logo rugs, transform photos or drawings into woven art or remake an antique oriental rug. No matter what is called for, our experts can give advise on knot counts, knotting techniques and other finishing methods to design the rug perfectly for each situation.

Our online catalog allows you to choose a rug from our designs and make it your own. Once you select a design, you can re-color it to match your paints or fabrics, choose from our standard sizes, change the knot count, and choose fringe options. Your creation can be printed or saved as an image to be used in design presentations, 3D renderings, or to share on Facebook.

Our Full Custom service allows you to create the rug of your dreams. Send us a photo or drawing and we can load your design into our customizing app (premium service). We can help you design a series of rugs for a home or or a whole hotel, or even develop your own line of rugs or signature collection.

In addition to the standard options, Full Custom clients can specify the exact size and shape of a rug. Silk and hemp can be used alone or in combination with wool. Different knotting and pile options (such as cut and loop) are available. We have many options for custom stair runners, including expert installation for any type of stair material or configuration.

Our expertise and experience in making and installing custom area rugs is perhaps our most valuable asset. We can take your vision and make it reality. Our understanding of the industry and process allows us to get it made right, made quickly and at the right price. Because the possibilities are almost endless, please contact us for more information on our Full Custom services.

High Country Rugs uses lustrous wool from Tibet and New Zealand. These fibers are famous for their strength and softness. The high lanolin content of the fiber is crucial to making a rug that lasts a lifetime and resists stains. High Country Rugs can also make rugs from un-dyed wool. Using wool 'straight from the sheep' allows us to make rugs as they were centuries ago in natural hues of cream, tan, grey, brown and black.

Silk is another fiber that is traditionally used in rug-making. Our Full Custom clients can specify whether they want real, synthetic or banana silk. Silks add luster and sheen to the color and can often transform the overall impression of the rug depending on the light and vantage point. For more information about silk, click here.

High Country Rugs uses 100% cotton for the foundation of the rug. The foundation is only visible as the fringe, but it is essential when making a rug that is durable enough to last generations. Rugs that are made with no fringe have a cotton foundation, but it is hidden under the wool pile and wool bound edges. While tea-staining fringe has been done for decades, High Country Rugs is a pioneer in making rugs with brightly colored fringe.

Hemp is another option for Full Custom clients looking for a natural plant fiber rug. Hemp is a great alternative to sisal, seagrass and coir; it is softer, much more durable and will not shed like most other plant fibers. While the price of hemp is higher than most other plant fibers, its durability makes it a much better value than all other comparable materials. Because current market conditions make hemp prices extremely volatile, please contact us for current pricing.

All of our rugs are knotted by hand, high in the Himalayas. Tibetans use ancient textile traditions to make our rugs just as they have for generations. High Country Rugs works directly with the weavers to make exactly what is ordered. We use only reputable weavers who do not use child labor, provide safe and healthy work environments and pay a fair wage. All rugs are thoroughly washed before shipment.

We use Swiss aniline dyes, widely recognized as the best chrome dyes available. We love the look and feel of vegetal dyes, but the colors are not consistent, can fade over time and damage the wool. We have developed several techniques using chrome dyes to imitate the variegated look of vegetal dyes and hand-spun wool.

High Country Rugs is cheaper than our competition because we work closely with the weavers, and we have cut out the middle-men. We are the outlet for our weavers, and together we have made every aspect of the process more efficient. We do not make rugs and hope someone will buy them. Every rug that our weavers make is already sold.

We don't maintain retail stores, inventories and all of the associated overhead. We don't have to have huge mark-ups to pay for 'dead inventory'. Rather than having 'going out of business sales' every year, we offer fair pricing every day. As an American company, we do not bargain, haggle or 'start high' with our pricing. We prefer to focus on getting our customers the right product, on time and under budget.

Because we have streamlined our businesses, we can afford to sell for less than our competition, and our customers benefit. Once you have tried buying rugs our way, we know you will never go back to the 'old' way of shopping for rugs. Interior designers especially appreciate our system because they can design a complimentary family of rugs, not spend hours flipping through stacks only to settle for rugs that are 'good enough'.

Retail pricing is shown in the customizing app, simply select a pattern and click the "customize" button, retail prices include air shipping. Use the "Save" button to save your custom images and when you're ready to turn your design into a rug just call or email us! We can match your paint chips or fabric swatches and offer strike-off samples so you can see your colors and feel your materials and finishing techniques in your home before the final rug is made.

Interior designers, FF&E, hospitality, retailers and other professionals please contact us for information on our wholesale programs, white label custom lines, in-store displays, and other industrial design options.