About Our Company

Jason Leach - Principal

Jason's interest in Oriental and other museum-quality rugs started early, as his parents were collectors, and he travelled with them to rug markets all over Europe, Africa and the Middle East. He grew up in Geneva, Switzerland, which was a major export hub for Persian rugs during the US embargo on Iran. He attended an international school there with people from all over the world, which led him to get a degree in Anthropology with a minor in Art at the University of Delaware. After college, Jason moved to Aspen, Colorado, and pursued a career as a gallery director for an African art gallery, which included Moroccan rugs and other African textiles. Jason was reintroduced to the Oriental rug market and luxury interior design through a home furnishings chain in Aspen and Vail. This interest led him to open, manage and eventually expand a new rug gallery in Edwards, Colorado. His experience in various businesses provided insight into the rugs of Morocco, Persia, Turkey, Nepal, Tibet, India, Romania, Kazakhstan, and everywhere in between. In 2005, Jason left to start High Country Rugs with the idea of helping interior designers get exactly what they want in a more efficient and affordable manner. Through a key understanding of rug materials, construction methods, regional design aesthetics and a history of rugs and their practical uses, Jason has a unique perspective on the industry. His experience is very useful to interior designers who need help finding the right product for a particular application, especially when facing budget constraints.

Brian Harris - Principal

Brian helped to realize the full potential of co-founder Jason Leach's vision by targeting High Country Rugs for a national market. He is responsible for implementation and development of the website and its custom design technology. He also creates and designs rugs, 3D virtual renderings and business strategies to help further the vision and goal of High Country Rugs.

Our Product

High Country Rugs has decades of experience in designing and crafting the world's finest custom rugs and is based in Aspen, Colorado. Our proprietary 3D Custom Design Studio software system, the only 3D rug design program online, revolutionizes an ancient trade, creating a new, innovative way for design professionals and the public to purchase museum-quality rugs, while choosing virtually every aspect of the design. We work directly with weavers who rely on the same textile traditions they have for generations, but who can accommodate a wide range of styles – from Persian to Contemporary and Southwestern – and 600-plus color choices.

Our rugs are hand-knotted by the indigenous people of the Himalayas whose long and rich rug-making history, combined with the use of superb local and New Zealand wools, makes our products second to none in quality and craftsmanship.

Standard Options allow you to reconfigure our designs by choosing the size, colors, knot density, and fringe options to get exactly the rug for your needs.

Full Custom services allow you to provide your own logo or design, which can be made in any size and shape. Additional options include the use of silk, hemp and other fibers as well as many pile cutting and looping techniques. Please contact one of our Custom Service consultants for more information about creating a unique piece just for you.